Stefan Forssén - piano, Lars Almkvist - trumpet, Mikael Godée - soprano saxophone, Thomas Jäderlund - alto saxophone, Tomas Jonsson- tenor saxophone, Peter Janson - bass, Göran Kroon - drums

Stefan Forssén
S-413 14 Göteborg, Sweden
+46 (0)31-412 421

Mikael Godée
Bellmansgatan 12 B
S-41128 Göteborg, Sweden
e-mail: migod@comhem.se

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Änglaspel started off as a trio in 1976 grew to a quartet and then 1979 to a sextet, quickly finding an audience - to such excellent effect that the group was declared "Swedish Jazz Group of the Year" in 1983. In 1984 the group had grown to the size it has today - a septet .

Änglaspel has often been compared to the various groups led by Charlie Mingus; the comparison is thoroughly justified when one considers the great artistic freedom of the individual members, their openness to creative inspiration, and the extraordinary élan of their accompanying work. What makes their music special, however, is that these elements are combined with a strong sense of humour and a basic sound that is distinctively Swedish in character: that special kind of mournful beauty. Änglaspel has released many albums and CD's, "ZIGIDAP" (Swedish Grammy awarded in 1991), "ZANZIBAR FOXTROT" , and "ZVAMP" to mention a few.

- If you seek a combination of good entertainment and good music, Änglaspel is an excellent choice. Although the group doesn't offer any written or choreographed stage-show, their music is so dramatic that a statue made of stone would come to life. Änglaspel's greatest asset is a serene, very human and warm glowing humour that is present in every bar. They never lose the sparkle in their eyes showing that the most important thing is that we, the musicians and you, the audience have fun together, not that you admire our skills.

- Johan Scherwin, Dagens Nyheter

- They are virtuosos, not only at their instruments, but also in terms of emotion. You got the impression that anything could happen. They listened intensely to each other, constantly surprising each other as well as us, and sometimes even themselves. Style, genre, age barriers and isms don't matter at all.

- Ingmar Glanzelius, Dagens Nyheter