All titles, track 21 - 24, composed, arranged, performed, recorded and mastered by Lars-Erik Norrström, © 2021.

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Lars-Erik Norrström

Born in Sweden September 18, 1946. Piano studies with W.W. Glaser 1957-65. Studies at the Conservatory of Music in Gothenburg 1977-79.

Professional freelance musician / artist since 1979.

Tours in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, France, Spain, South-Africa, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Schweiz.

Appearances at Stockholm Jazz Festival, Gothenburg Jazz Festival, Umeå Jazz Festival, Kristianstad Jazz Festival, Torneå Jazz Festival, Malmö Jazz Festival, Sandviken Big Bang Jazz Festival, Oulu Jazz Festival (Finland), Komeda Jazz Festival (Poland), Minsk Jazz Festival (Belarus), San Sebastian Jazz Festival (Spain), Elektrenei Jazz Festival (Lithuania), Juan les Pins youth Jazz festival (France), Milano Jazz Festival (Italy), Görlitz Jazz Festival (Germany), JazzoChateau Jazz Festival (France), PalmJazz Festival (Poland), among others.


Lars-Erik Norrström
Solo Concert